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Southern Exterminators has made a name for itself by providing excellent maintenance pest control services.  We eliminate the pests on the outside before they invade your home or business by use of our liquid chemical barrier.  We focus our attention on the exterior to minimize chemical use in your living and work areas and to make our services easy to schedule.

Unlike most large national pest control companies using electric pump sprayers (or even hand sprayers) to apply pesticides to the exterior of your home, the technicians of Southern Exterminators use gas powered Honda DC-30 pumps for this purpose.  This enables our technicians to protect high awnings and eaves, broadcast large areas, and penetrate inaccessible areas – all things hand and electric sprayers simply cannot do.

In addition to our exterior maintenance programs, we also specialize in specific target pest elimination.  Pests like ants, cockroaches, and fleas can create havoc in your home.  We can control these pests with minimal invasion to you and your family.

All of our pest control services have an initial fee.  Some specific pests may have a higher initial service fee depending on level of infestation and treatment procedures.

Our pest maintenance programs are offered at a frequency that serves your needs, including monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and one-time applications.  Regular services are performed March through November, but may begin or end on the months of your choosing.  December through February services can be performed on a call-in basis and for a discounted rate depending on your needs.  Monthly and bi-monthly services carry a 30-day guarantee for pests that are part of your service agreement.

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Pests most common to our area:

American-cockroachCOCKROACHES:  There are three major types of cockroaches in the United States, -American, German, and Oriental roaches.  What they all have in common is that no one wants them invading their home.  Cockroaches are controlled with baits, residual chemicals, and growth regulators and may take a few treatments for complete control depending on levels of infestation and sanitization.

FLEAS: Flea Most insects can be annoying enough without making you their next meal.  Fleas populate many homes in America with pets and without proper control, one or two fleas on your pet can quickly multiply into the thousands.  Fleas can be controlled with residual chemicals and growth regulators.  With a little help from the pet owner by way of consistent vacuuming and applying routine pet flea treatments, we can provide our services and rid their home of fleas.

Brown-recluse-coinBROWN RECLUSE SPIDER:  Aside from some of the pests that are creepy, annoying, destructive, and painful, the Brown Recluse Spider can cause serious physical harm.  Bites from the Brown Recluse can cause necrosis, and if left untreated, sometimes death.  Like their name implies, these spiders prefer secluded areas and can be difficult to control.  Often, an ongoing maintenance program is required for complete control.

Southern Exterminators will provide pest control services for all types of insects and pests, including, but not limited to those listed above.  Please give us a call to discuss your particular need and we will provide the education and price quote to get you started towards a pest-free environment.

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Bed bugs have made a vast population increase over the past five years.  Thanks to media coverage and the internet, people are now educated on the signs of bed bug infestation.  Treatments can be very intensive depending on the level of infestation.

Bed_bugTreatment options are available, including steam treatments or residual chemical and growth regulators.  These types of treatments can be highly effective, however, they can be highly invasive, tedious, and may require several follow-up inspections or treatments.  To avoid this issue, Southern Exterminators now specializes in heat treatments.  Using our heating system we can treat a 2500 feet area at one time.  The heat treatments are able to penetrate all the areas that liquid chemicals and steam cannot reach, as well as ensuring eradication of bed bugs at any point in their life cycle.  The heating system is capable of eliminating bed bug infestations with little or no retreatments and has the least negative impact on  your home and furnishings.  Since utilizing this system, our technicians have had a 95% success rate without needing a secondary treatment.  For complete success following our heat system treatment it is important that customers wash and dry bedding and clothing, as well as vacuum consistently.  In severe cases, we also recommend they eliminate infested furnishings if at all possible.

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TERMITES:  Termites cause more than one billion dollars in damage per year.  Termites infest homes in crawlspaces, cracks, and voids in basements, landscaping, beneath porches, service access for pipes, and a multitude of other places.  Southern Exterminators currently services more than 5,000 residential, commercial, and industrial structures in Kentucky and Tennessee.

TermitesTermites needs three things to survive –soil, moisture, and wood.  By removing such sources, you can reduce the termite impact in and around your home.

With preventative treatment for termites, a damage guarantee can be retained with the contract.  Treatments are priced according to the square footage of the lowest story of the structure and the scope of the labor involved.

We offer two options for termite control –Liquid Chemical Soil Barrier or Monitoring System.  Both have advantages depending on constructions and level of termite infestation, and sometimes a combination of the two may be used.   Some treatments may allow for damage guarantee options.

The liquid barrier is a soil treatment around your foundation, sometimes requiring concrete drilling, trench excavation, and soil injection depending on construction.  Annual inspections will continue the contract beyond the initial treatment.

Our monitoring systems are installed around  your home at regular intervals, usually one station every twelve feet and around susceptible areas.  These stations must be checked and maintained every 90 days.  If termites are found in a station, the station’s bait is replaced with a growth regulator that is taken back to the termite colony.

If you are considering construction of a new home or any other type building, we perform pre-construction treatments for a fraction of the cost.  This service ensures inaccessible areas are treated before finish work begins on your structure.

CARPENTER BEES:  Sometimes called wood bees or borer bees, and often confused with bumble bees, carpenter bees damage wooden structures by drilling vertically a ½ inch hold,carpenter bee and hole then moving horizontally making galleries inside.  This can lead to structural instability. Our treatment involves chemically treating exposed wood, and plugging entry holes.  Treatments carry a seasonal guarantee.

carpenter antCARPENTER ANTS:  These large black ants generally infest rotting and decaying wood.  If carpenter ants are infesting your home you may have a moisture issue contributing to their presence.  Carpenter ants are eliminated by finding and eliminating the nesting area, placing a chemical barrier, and removing the source of moisture.  Treatments carry a seasonal guarantee.

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Your home is not the only place where you might be annoyed by pests.  Your yard can be home to an army of pests as well.  We use boom sprayers on our ATVs to broadcast apply pesticides in a highly efficient manner.

MOSQUITOS:  Whether  you love working in your garden, barbecuing in your backyard, or playing with your children or pets, mosquitos can put a huge damper on your day.  Beyond the itchy blemish they create after biting, mosquitos are also known to carry a wide range of diseases, including the West Nile virus, malaria, Eastern equine encephalitis, and yellow fever.

Control of mosquitos can be achieved through two general procedures.  First, broadcast yard spraying will eliminate and repel adult forms of mosquitos.  Second, removal of stagnant water sources will eliminate the breeding grounds for mosquitos.  If removal of the stagnant water sources is not possible, a larvicide can be applied to eliminate larva and prevent future breeding.

TICKS:  Not to be outdone by fleas or mosquitos, ticks are another nuisance in the yard for your family and pets.  Like mosquitos, ticks are well known carriers of disease including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and others.  Ticks commonly can bite and attach without alerting you to their presence.  Elimination and repellency can be achieved through our yard applications.

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